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The Foster Group, Inc. is a full-service management consulting firm, based in Chicago, Illinois. We have a proven track record of success, but more importantly, our satisfied clients have substantially benefited from our information technology expertise.







The Foster Group: A Unique Alternative

The Foster Group recognizes that its most important mission is to provide our clients with prompt and effective solutions that incorporate the highest level of quality. Our team of information technology professionals has demonstrated credentials and extensive experience in various businesses and technologies, so they are ready to serve you. We can assist you in maximizing cash flow, improving profitability, increasing productivity, reducing staff, and enhancing quality.

The Foster Group offers a full array of quality services to meet your business, technology, and operational requirements and to assist you in meeting the dynamic challenges faced by your institution.

  • Experienced people ready to meet the management challenges created by change and new demands
  • Success in providing effective solutions and achieving cost reductions and productivity improvements, while being responsive to your needs
  • Competitive rates without sacrificing quality
  • Commitment to your success and satisfaction




The Foster Group, Inc.The Foster Group, Inc.
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